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Vision, Action, Success

“We believe in the power of big ideas to motivate significant resources to achieve a vision.”

Systematic and Tailored Solutions

For over 25 years, David King has helped non-profits dream and succeed in meaningful and relevant ways. In that time David King has become an expert at finding opportunities that organizations may not have been aware of and capitalizing on those opportunities to drive fundraising.

David knows that a cookie-cutter strategy won’t produce the results you need to achieve your vision. That’s why David approaches each organization with fresh eyes, taking in not just the issues the organization has already identified, but also the hidden problems that David recognizes through an initial planning study. After identifying what the real problems are and gaining an understanding of your goals and vision, David then develops a strategic plan to address all concerns simultaneously.

David P. King Fundraising Counsel’s strengths are in championing a vision, putting the pieces in place to raise funds, and doing the hard work to guide a project through to success.

David’s Promise

I appreciate your unique mission, vision, values, leadership, and culture.

My perserverence means I will stay with you until you are successful.

I work with you throughout the project.

I provide honest feedback and counsel.

Jay Luger

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