From Roadmap to Reality

A Capital Campaign Can Turn Your Organization’s Vision into a Reality.

Managing a capital campaign is a huge undertaking, no matter what your goal amount may be. If your organization is raising funds for a new vision, you are likely wondering what is possible and where to begin.

We Can Help.

David P. King Fundraising Counsel has developed comprehensive campaign plans for dozens of non-profit organizations with combined goals of over $200 million. David’s campaign management service is a behind-the-scenes maintenance and implementation of your campaign, covering everything from conducting interviews with donors and organizing volunteers in the campaign, to scheduling monthly objectives and making month-to-month income projections. He trains his clients on how to use the campaign plan and is there to consult every step of the way. David will work with you until the campaign goal is met, on time and on budget.

Our Clients

In over 25 years working in non-profit fundraising and campaign management, David King has helped a variety of organizations to attain their goals and fulfill their missions. The following is a selection of some of the organizations that have benefitted from working with David P. King Fundraising Counsel.

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